day two hundred & eighty four. ‘this is no ticket to dreamland, a garden for fevers to grow in’

day two hundred & eighty three. ‘I am dealing with a man, when away from me stays deep inside my heart’

day two hundred & eighty two. ‘you used to call me wicked. I used to call you friend’

day two hundred & eighty one. ‘the conversations ring in my head. I remember everything that we said’

day two hundred & eighty. ‘and I’m unsure, I can’t see my way. and he says, “lady, you don’t have to see.”’

day two hundred & seventy nine. ‘remember the beauty of innocence, believe it or not you say’

day two hundred & seventy eight. ‘well I never took the time to realize how much I needed love in order to survive’

day two hundred & seventy seven. ‘you were unconscious to the pain I was in’

day two hundred & seventy six. ‘I know that you’ll go on forever you’re that good’

|  happiest of birthdays to my muse, the ever inspiring enchantress, Stevie Nicks  |

day two hundred & seventy five. ‘The people that retain a little bit of their childlike innocence … I think are the people that end up being the happiest.’ Stevie Nicks, 2011.

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