day two hundred & seventy. ‘gather the curtains, gather the darkness, gather me if only for a moment, gather the seconds for soon it could be going, gather the blessings, for the years are showing’

day two hundred & sixty nine. ‘you didn’t mean to meet her you cry. oh but the sun goes down every night’

day two hundred & sixty eight. | 365 days ago as Fleetwood Mac stepped out on day one of their 2013 ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ world tour, this little photography project was born | since then I’ve taken over 260 photos | each one inspired by the incredible Stevie Nicks | her words | her music | her style | thank you all so very much for your ongoing support | it’s lovely to know people enjoy seeing my photos & ‘get’ where I’m coming from | fingers crossed the ‘On With The Show’ tour will hit Australian shores early next year | and maybe, if the stars align, I’ll get to (photo)shoot Stevie |

day two hundred & sixty seven. ‘Everything inspires me … coming through the tunnel and seeing the ocean inspires me after a long day in the city. Getting up and looking out my window and seeing my beautiful rose garden inspires me. Meeting somebody new that has something really beautiful to say inspires me. I’m pretty much inspired by everything. I’m an observer. I just observe the world and most of it inspires me.’ Stevie Nicks, 2011.

day two hundred & sixty six. ‘then I knew, in the crystalline knowledge of you’

day two hundred & sixty five. ‘Because having a little bit of the spiritual is ultimately better than having none’ Stevie Nicks, 1998.

day two hundred & sixty four. ‘Bella Donna, and we fight for the northern star’

day two hundred & sixty three. This week marks five years since Fleetwood Mac stepped out on their ‘Unleashed’ world tour. The tour that gave us the first and only live performances of Stevie’s hauntingly beautiful, “Storms”, from Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 album, Tusk.

day two hundred & sixty two. ‘not unlike the blue white fire, you burn brightly in spite of yourself’

day two hundred & sixty one. ‘No, the pathway is never easy, and I know not just for me. Truth doesn’t always bring happiness. Love never comes free’

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